Strategies and tactics for the game Speed and Cash

What are the strategies for playing Speed and Cash

There are no special strategies and tactics yet. This can be explained by the fact that the game Speed and Cash is relatively new. However, there are general approaches that can be applied without restrictions and additional reservations to ensure the profitability of each game round. We talk about the most common and noteworthy options.

Table: strategic approaches to the game Speed and Cash, their features

High risk strategy

The essence of the player’s actions can be reduced to two possible scenarios:

1. We make the minimum bet and wait for a predetermined odds in the range from 10 to 50, taking into account the statistics and the forecast (the numbers are approximate, the player can set the limits on his own). Example: we put 1 dollar and take away 10 or 0.5 and get 25. We emphasize that everything is about. Keep this in mind and don’t get carried away.

2. We make a large bet and take it with a multiplier of 1.1. If it is, say, 100 dollars, you can “cut down” as much as 10% in one game round. And more.

Note: you can place multiple bids or one per car.

Low risk strategy

As in the first case when we talked about increased risk, there are two likely scenarios:

1. Splitting the deposit into 50-100 parts and planning a gaming session. Let’s say we have $100. Then in each round we use 1. You can bet both on the potentially leading car and on the distances that will be covered by each until the moment of detention or leaving the playing field.

2. Dividing the deposit into the same number of parts or more and choosing to bet only on the car that wins. Experienced players note that such a strategy should be tested in the Speed and Cash demo. This is necessary to identify patterns and for guaranteed winnings when playing for real money.

Combined tactics

Everything is simple here: the player can plan a series of bets, say, from 50 rounds, and then immediately use the 3 sections noted earlier. It’s about what you need to bet on the odds that will be accumulated as the cars move, as well as on the victory of one or another car. The level of risk here will depend on the value of the particular bet, as well as on the technique used by the player.

Can I use bonuses to test play Speed and Cash?

Yes, sure! And this is a great approach. Using the bonus accrual for the first bets is a good solution. This is something like a demo version, when nothing threatens your own money on the game balance. Another plus of the approach is that thanks to it, under certain circumstances, you can withdraw the funds accrued as a gift to a card or electronic wallet! We recommend that you first check with the support service specialists of the selected casino what conditions must be met in order to be able to withdraw bonus funds.

Beginner Tips

We know that most often beginners face failures. But if you ask any master, you can understand that he once made serious mistakes, was left without money and tried to win back, but to no avail. Therefore, in addition to knowing the rules, principles and strategies, it is important to understand what aspects of gaming behavior determine personal success.

1. Know how to stop in time

If it doesn’t work, learn. In a different situation, the deposit will sooner or later have to wave the pen. If the game session is obviously unsuccessful, stop at a loss of 20-30% of the original balance. Do not try to win back, do not increase the stakes unreasonably. All this will only lead to the loss of money in the end.

2. If you feel that the game is getting boring, stop

Better save it for the next day. Even under the condition that fortune favors. Psychology works here: even 2-3 bets that have become unprofitable after a series of 10-15 successful ones will provoke a desire to win back. We have repeatedly noted what this can lead to.

3. Don’t play under certain conditions

We do not recommend gambling in principle if you plan to play:

– in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;

– on other people’s money, especially if they are issued on the terms of a loan from a monetary organization.

4. Use reliable sources of information for forecasting

What are we talking about? About the special “Predictor”. This is software that will help you to consistently be in the black and withdraw money. We told more about the Predictor on a special page of the site dedicated to the game Speed and Cash.

I’m fully prepared to start conquering Speed and Cash

Glad to know! Then we recommend registering at an online casino. Read reviews, choose the best deals. If you do not want to waste time on this, use the link below. It has a great bonus! And the casino, to the official website of which the link leads, is proven and reliable.

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